We have developed a broad range of activities that address many different aspects of sustainability and which enhance classroom study. Come out and visit us and experience a day on a site where pupils can see sustainability in action and take back inspiring ideas for projects at school. You can choose from the Pick and Mix or the Themed Days in the Teachers' Pack. The Education staff will help to plan the detail of your learning experience.

Residential visits are a speciality so contact us to discuss the options if you would like your KS2 pupils to stay overnight as we can cater for short stays or week long stays with full catering and activities package.

Some topics we cover are listed below:


  • Eco Buildings KS2
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Saving KS2
  • Food and Farming KS2
  • Forest Skills KS2
  • Waste and Recycling and Water Conservation KS1 & KS2
  • Eco Exploration KS2
  • Sensory Discovery and Mini Art KS1 & KS2
  • Green Guardians KS2
  • Habitats KS1 & KS2

Activities may involve pupils in building with sand bags and clay, taking a trailer tractor tour of our partner farm or experiencing a day in the woods around an open fire. A schools visit to our Centre allows pupils to get hands on and bring the topic sustainability alive.

There is a wealth of opportunity for making links to the curriculum in Geography, Science, Technology and Citizenship during the day and these are highlighted in the pack.

Contact Janet for more info education@sustainability-centre.org.